Fire Alarms in your business . . .

So you have a fire alarm? But what actually do you need to know about fire alarms in your business?

Firstly it is critical that the alarm is installed by a competent fire alarm engineer. Not all electricians are qualified to fit or maintain an alarm as this is a separate discipline! Ensure you receive certification for installation and commissioning by the engineer at handover stage!!

There are different alarms for different risks which are ultimately decided in conjunction withe the fire risk assessment of the building. As a general rule a “L” standard relates to buildings with a life risk as as hotels, care homes or Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO’s). There is also a “P” category for buildings which requires additional fire protection such as heritage for example.
The last category is “M” for manual which is an alarm which requires a person to activate the sounders to raise the alarm.
The specific alarm type / category must be installed in line with the recommendations of the fire risk assessment.

Testing and servicing the fire alarm is an important part of your fire risk management. Alarms are there to alert you to the presence of a fire so you should get test them each week (one call point) and regular servicing is a must to ensure there are no problems.

Keep records of the tests, servicing and any repairs as the Fire & Rescue service inspecting fire fire officer may want to see these as part of an audit.
Following any fire incident your insurance company will want to see what tests and inspections you have completed with the fire alarm along side your fire risk assessment and failure to that you business have not been compliant with NI fire safety legislation and with the fire alarm standards may affect you insurance claim!

The fire alarms are there to save life so why would you accept a poorly fitted alarm or fail to test or service it!

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