Fire Door Safety Week!

It’s Fire door safety week, but what exactly does this mean to you and your business?
First, you should be checking the fire doors in the premises at least once a month.

These checks should include;

  • Whether the door fully closes into the frame on the closer (if fitted) Electrical cupboard doors don’t require a self-closer as these should be locked shut
  • Is the strip down the sides and on top (it’s called an intumescent strip!)
  • Are the hinges working and if there is glass fitted – it is damaged or cracked?

If any of these points above are seen to be damaged or broken you can leave the occupants of the building exposed from smoke and fire spread.
A correctly fitted and working fire door can withhold a fire for anything between 30 and 60 minutes!
If you are unsure give us a call and we can advise!

For some further guidance click on the link (courtesy of Home Building 2016)

Your checks are part of the fire risk management of your business and should be reviewed under your fire risk assessment. If you are not content with the status of your doors or any other aspect of fire safety in Northern Ireland, please call us to discuss.