Signs! Fire safety – are you compliant?

Signs, either a famine or a feast! The majority of buildings I assess have a reasonable amount, but what do you as the client actually require?

Its worth noting that each site is different so I am writing this as a “general” thought towards signs

Ok, so the first one I always look for is a N1 sign next the exit doors. This is the fire actions signs with “don’t use lifts, report to assembly point”. The fire service seem to really want these in every site

The single colour signs are next. Blue is a “mandatory” sign such as “fire door keep closed” on corridor doors or “fire door keep clear” on the outside of your final exit doors


Fire safety signs

Fire Risk Assessments NI

Red is your fire equipment such as the manual call point / break glass above. Fire extinguishers and hose reels are other examples

Green is safety related so your emergency lighting, escape directional and assembly point are also green

Yellow is related to safety operated equipment such as smoke vents.
Within your business, you may have none, some or all of these in place. But if you walk into any main street do you normally see hundreds of assembly point signs? No! Me neither. If you have your fire action procedures up to date, staff are aware of the assembly point and this is regularly practised with the drill, do you really need a sign!
A healthy balance of sign will depend on a number of things such as; do you normally have a lot of people in the premises who are not familiar with the layout? Sleeping accommodation etc may need more signs over a small staff only office etc.

These are a few of the signs which are required in businesses across Belfast and across Northern Ireland.
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