Staff fire training; do you really need it??

There have been many discussions over the years as to why staff should complete fire training at all!

The short answer is that yes staff need complete staff fire training. This should be done as soon as possible after they start and around every two years after that. The first day of work should include “induction” training which includes topics such as what the fire alarm sounds like, walk the escape routes, assembly points to name a few.

The staff fire training course is the basic “how to use a fire extinguisher course” but this includes a broad range of ideas within the content. Classification of fire, where to position yourself if trapped and the fire triangle are some of the concepts covered in this essential course.

The next type of course is a “fire warden” or “fire marshal” course. This is a more advanced course and is aimed at managers or business owners who have more responsibility for testing and fire safety checks

But what are the benefits to you as a business owner or employer?

Well a member of staff who is trained and confident in there role could limit the damage from a fire, increase evacuation times for everyone else during a fire, save your business from lost production plus many more . . .

But if you dont complete the training your are in breech of fire safety regulation, Health and safety regulation with the possibility of enforcement notices from the HSE or NIFRS.

If you are not sure or need further advice please give us a call at Fire Risk Assessments NI and we will be delighted to give you some free advice. Based in Holywood Co. Down just a few miles from Belfast we are ideally located to pop round and complete your staff fire training and a time and date that suits you in your workplace!!


Staff fire training at fire risk assessments NI

Staff fire training at fire risk assessments NI