Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training

Employers, landlords and anyone in control of most premises other than private dwellings have a legal responsibility to protect their employees, customers and tenants against the risk of fire.

As well as helping businesses and other organisations meet their legal responsibilities through the preparation of Fire Risk Assessments and preparing them for a Fire Risk Audit, Fire Risk Assessments NI are fully qualified and accredited to deliver fire risk management and staff fire safety training.

From fire prevention to fire evacuation, our fire safety training helps you and your people know what you need to do to stay safe… and what to do if the worst should happen.

Fire Risk Management Training & Courses

How to identify potential fire risks and hazards and what to do keep your people and premises safe

Staff Fire Safety Training & Courses

How your employees can minimise the risk of fire, and what they should do if a fire does break out

Emergency Evacuation Training

Personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) and general emergency evacuation plan (GEEP) training

Fire Extinguisher Training

Knowing the right equipment to use… and when

What are the benefits of fire safety training?

  • Legal compliance
  • Protection against loss & liability
  • Insurance benefits
  • Peace of mind